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Benchmark Reports

Benchmark Reports

While the benchmark reports for this program are included in the Employee Feedback Report, so many other benchmark reports are available to you! Benchmark reports are a great way to compare your employee feedback, as well as your benefits and policies, to that of peer organizations. Benchmark reporting is available for all our Best Places to Work programs, as well as for specific regions and industries. Each benchmark report contains two parts: 1) employee and 2) employer data. Use the form below to order additional benchmark reports.


Employee Benchmark Report

This report reflects averages of all data collected from those that made the list and those that did not; reporting by each question and core focus area. This report reflects only positive responses; that is, respondents that “agree strongly” or “agree somewhat.”



Employer Benchmark Summary

This report reveals averages on standard employee benefits and best practices, again reported by those that made the list and those that did not. For the sake of comparison, this is a great way to see how your own practices measure up.




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